Annual General Assembly 2015


Annual General Assembly
November 9, 2014

In attendance: 21 residents

From the 2014 executive:
Sonja Kosuta, Michelle Smulders, Jocelyn Plourde, Benoît Gosselin, Tom Kruidenier, Hélène Gratton, Andréanne Léger, Gabrielle Vézina-Melanson, Rosaura Guzman, Yuko Mitrovic

1. Opening, member introduction and adoption of agenda

  • The members of the 2014 executive introduced themselves. Sonja thanked the members for their cooperation and work over the past year.
  • It was moved by Benoît Gosselin, seconded by Gabrielle Vézina Melanson, that the agenda be adopted with any changes participants wished to make. No changes were made and the agenda was adopted as is.

2. Adoption of the minutes of the 2013 AGM

  • There was an amendment to the meeting of the 2013 AGM, under “7. Other issues,” fifth bullet point, to read “pedestrian path leading to Rapides-Deschênes school” and not “pedestrian path leading to Grand Rivière.”
  • Adoption of the minutes of the 2013 AGM was moved by Jean-Pierre Artigau, seconded by Andréanne Léger, and passed unanimously.

3. Review of 2014

  • All of the events (Avalanche, Perennials Exchange, Earth Day, Corn Boil, and Remembrance Day) were well attended and were a great success.
  • The city organizes funding in two categories: community events for building community networks, and community action (in the past few years the Association applied for and was granted funding for specific projects: wild parsnip 2 years ago, and the security audit—active transport).
  • Not funded: Executive meeting with Richard Bégin (list of topics covered by Richard today), communications survey, security info session with neighbourhood community police officer following peeping person problem and the emerald ash borer info session organized by residents.
  • Many meetings of the Aylmer association of associations were held to discuss various issues, action plans and strategies common to the area.
  • The Association was invited to become a “grand partenaire” (major partner) of the city of Gatineau. Very specific criteria must be met to receive that invitation from the city, including the number and quality of activities throughout the year. Previously the Association was a “partenaire-collaborateur” (partner in collaboration). The designations determine the level of service we can obtain from the city. Major partner status gives us priority access to facilities, for example.

4. Reports: Financial, Membership, Communications, gym activities

Financial (Jocelyn):
– The association is doing well. We have funding from the city, $15,000 in the bank, and membership fees. The money is used to represent the interest of neighbourhood. 2016 will mark the Association’s 70th anniversary and some of the money will be used for a special project (portal to neighbourhood, stage in park, etc. – to be determined with residents).
– In response to a question from a resident, Jocelyn said that revenue from the Corn Boil is not included separately in the financial statement but that it is included in the money in the bank.
– The city provided $5,000 for a study by Mobi O on public transit/active transportation. The study is linked to the previous school study and possibly the city’s plan development plan. Participants will meet with Mobi O on Nov. 15 to walk through the neighbourhood and point out what the various issues are. Mobi O is doing the equivalent of a $10,000 study for $5,000.

Membership (Bob):
– Bob thanked the canvassers. Canvassing is ongoing and almost 40% of residents have already signed up—usually 60-70%. Paypal is set up on the website and we received many positive comments about this. The Association gets a lot of credibility with the city thanks to updated membership info and the membership drive, as the city knows we have a way of reaching residents.
Communications (Gabrielle, Rosaura):
– A survey on communications was conducted last February-March. Gabrielle presented some of the findings from the survey.
– The Association’s Facebook page was launched in August.
– Volunteers are needed to work on the community bulletin, if we choose to have one.
– In response to a question, Rosaura and Gabrielle said that any messages residents want to post on the Facebook page should be sent to Communications.
– Distribution of flyers will continue. Rosaura thanked the distributors.

Gym activities (Andréanne):
The activities start next week and will be held every from 2 pm to 4 pm on Sundays. There will be five sessions before Christmas and five sessions after Christmas.

5. Executive presentations and elections

  • There are 13 positions open on the executive. Executive members provided a brief description of each position.
    • President: Ensures liaison with the City, our councillor, the City administration, residents and the community. The President also fields ideas and works with the executive to obtain funding and organize activities for the community.
    • Vice President: Assists the President and speaks on his or her behalf when the President is not in attendance, in addition to helping to organize community events.
    • Treasurer: Keeps the books in order, submits funding requests and reports to the City, and is in charge of the chequebook.
    • Secretary: Takes minutes at meetings and disseminates them to the executive.
    • Members at large and all other members: Help out in organizing and running community events and/or focus on their area of expertise (flyer, distribution, etc.).


  • President
    Jocelyn Plourde, nominated by Sonja Kosuta, seconded by Andréanne Léger.
    There were no other nominations and Jocelyn Plourde was acclaimed President for 2015.
  • VP
    Andréanne Léger was nominated by Yuko Mitrovic, seconded by Michelle Smulders.
    There were no other nominations and Andréanne Léger was acclaimed Vice President for 2015.
  • Treasurer
    Gabrielle Vézina Melanson was nominated by Jocelyn Plourde, seconded by Sonja Kosuta.
    There were no other nominations and Gabrielle Vézina Melanson was acclaimed Treasurer for 2015.
  • Secretary
    Yuko Mitrovic was nominated by Sonja Kosuta, seconded by Gabrielle Vézina Melanson.
    There were no other nominations and Yuko Mitrovic was acclaimed Secretary for 2015.
  • Members at large (all acclaimed)
    Rosaura Guzman (Communications/Flyer), nominated by Sonja Kosuta and seconded by Yuko Mitrovic;
    Bob Howard (Membership), nominated by Tom Kruidenier and seconded by Jocelyn Plourde;
    Sonja Kosuta, nominated by Andréanne Léger and seconded by Yuko Mitrovic;
    Nicolas Garant, nominated by Jocelyn Plourde and seconded by Hélène Gratton;
    Charles Billington, nominated by Tom Kruidenier and seconded by Hélène Gratton;
    Ninelly Reabov, nominated by Hélène Gratton and seconded by Benoît Gosselin;
    Tom Kruidenier, nominated by Nicolas Garant and seconded by Sonja Kosuta;
    Jocelyne Melanson, nominated by Sonja Kosuta and seconded by Jean-Pierre Artigau
    Alain Paradis, nominated by Tom Kruidenier and seconded by Jean-Pierre Artigau

6. Planning for 2015

  • Planned for 2015 are the Avalanche, Earth Day, Perennials Exchange, Corn Boil, and Remembrance Day ceremony and AGM, as well as gym activities and some special projects (e.g., Mobi O study).
  • Planning for the 70th anniversary will also begin.

7. Other issues
No other issues were raised.

8. Meeting adjournment
– Jocelyn Plourde, the new president, thanked previous and new executive members and said he is looking forward to a great year!
– The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Prepared by Yuko Mitrovic, 2015-02-23
Traduit par Andréanne Léger, 2015-03-23
Révision par Jean Pierre Artigau, 2015 11 05

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